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Nearly thirty years of experience has given me a deep understanding about what makes dental practices successful. I will show you how to increase profit by guiding you through setting up a quality cosmetic and implant dentistry practice. I will provide mentoring for yourself and your team as I teach you how to build a relationship-based practice that will set you apart as you rapidly become the favorite practice of patients far and wide. In addition, let me help your practice and the lab interface successfully with one another, so you both experience less frustration and more efficiency and joy in your craft. When everyone is empowered, the best work can happen, and your practice will thrive. 

How I Can Help...


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I will guide you in setting up a high quality advanced practice. As an expert in surgery, reconstruction, and aesthetics, I can help you avoid many common pitfalls to which other doctors too often succumb. In addition, I will mentor your assistants in all aspects of their practice, so they will be able to help you create lasting smiles of which your patients will be proud! More than that, I can mentor your entire team so every person is empowered to perform at their best and truly look forward to coming to work each day. Without a healthy culture, it’s difficult to enable to type of joyful efficiency that creates a thriving, profitable practice.


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As a highly successful and sought-after restorative and surgical assistant, I understand and applaud your drive to keep learning and be the best in your field. I will empower you by teaching you advanced skills as well as how to understand how the doctor thinks and know what he or she needs before they know what they need! 


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I know what it feels like to not have the information you need to create a beautiful, lasting smile in the lab. Because I have a deep knowledge in both lab work and surgery, I will help remove the frustration that exists between the lab and the doctor’s practice by ensuring you both know exactly how to give one another what you need to do your jobs perfectly, efficiently, and of the highest quality!



Provisional Denture Conversion, Occlusion and Biomechanics, Esthetics and Smile Design, Surgical Assisting, Restorative Assisting, DOCS and ACLS Sedation, Relationship Building,Presenting, Explaining and Selling Denistry, Problem Solving On-The-Fly...and more!

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"I have worked with Jenny the last 20 years in Dentistry, and the last 11 years she was my main chair-side assistant. We have done everything from simple cosmetics to full mouth rehabilitations on teeth and now full arch fixed implant prosthesis of which she handled most of the temporary and final diagnostic work-up, delivery, and lab work including chair-side pickups. She literally will make you a better dentist, get patients excited for treatment, and perform all tasks at a very high level. Her knowledge is great, her words to patients spectacular, and she has a good eye for cosmetics and function. She leads by example and has a very unique skill set making her a huge asset to your practice. If I could get her to move to Buffalo I would take her in a second." 

Ryan L. Brittingham, DDS

Buffalo, NY

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I would be delighted to hear from you and understand how I can help your practice. For all inquiries including pricing, pease fill out the form below. I look forward to working together!

Tel: (702) 556-8713

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